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About Us & Goals


The Academy will provide training, educational opportunities and mentoring to two committed culinary professionals every two years and who are passionate about working with and showcasing the best of New Zealand produce both nationally and internationally.

The Academy will work with both young and older Chefs with a mind to develop their skills and abilities to a level at which they will be able to represent New Zealand at the most prestigious, globally renowned culinary event, the Bocuse d’Or, a biannual international competition comprising of 24 countries whose final is held in Lyon, France.

The New Zealand Culinary Arts Academy’s (NZCAA) primary aim is to provide a training platform to help fund, support and mentor New Zealand Chefs who show the drive, passion and motivation to achieve and earn the recognition and respect from the international community.


The NZCAA aims to embrace the cultural diversity and culinary history within New Zealand.

The Academy will offer a platform to showcase New Zealand’s amazing produce, producers and the amazing diversity we have within the small islands that are Aotearoa New Zealand. We encourage chefs in each province to hone and refine their craft and to strive to seek ways to seek a wider audience, both nationally and internationally.

We aim to recognise New Zealand’s traditional cooking methods and produce through way of our Maori-Pasifika roots; the early influences from the 18th century French settlement in Akaroa and other national cuisines that have helped shape the New Zealand food scene.



“The success of any trade is through the youth of today, they are the future.” This is correct for any trade or profession, but especially within the culinary industry.
This is a simple enough statement but what it requires is a focused approach and a vehicle and by which to explain the benefits and satisfaction of undertaking a career in cooking or hospitality in New Zealand.

This education process needs to start at an early age and through NZCAA it is envisaged that for the chosen competitors, NZCAA mentors will undertake demonstrations and discussions within the class-room environments as well as public demonstrations to outline the pros and cons of entering into the trade.

Through established links with other associations within hospitality, a joint approach will be undertaken so a greater amount of culinary students can be reached. This approach must start at secondary school level and follow through to culinary training providers and institutions.